Albury Sports Centre is currently host to the Crathes Croquet Club. Anyone interested in joining should contact the club directly – see below for details.

Crathes Croquet Club was established in February 2012.

We have 25 members and in 2013 plan to increase this to 40. New members are welcome

We play on Crathes Castle Lawn and the Bowling Green at Albury Sports Centre.
Playing times are:

Crathes: Tuesday from 5.30 pm, Thursday from 2 pm to 4.30 pm and from 5.30 pm, Weekends by arrangement

Albury:  Wednesday from 10 am, Sunday from 10 am

Please check Crathes website to check availability of facilities.

Coaching is offered at all levels. Those who want to be coached, either as beginners or established players, should contact Robert Bell, Coaching Convenor on 01224 732067 or Brian Clark, Representative to Scottish Croquet Association on 01224 867159/07712579528

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